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FlexPet: The Joint Supplement That’s All It’s Cracked Up to Be!

Whether it’s simple old age or genetic predisposition is the culprit, no one want’s to imagine her beloved pet in pain.

Enter Flexpet, a joint health supplement for pets- so confident in their abilities, Flexpet advertises a promise to help or their product is free!

We all know drug companies like to promote their products like crazy! Take away all of the marketing and advertising gimmicks; does FlexPet really work?

Let’s break down their ‘active ingredients’ from an objective, physiological point of view, referencing well known and reliable sources.

 Animal (dog) physiology is actually pretty close to human physiology; the active ingredients listed below should bear similar results in both species.

Cetyl Myristoleate

According to the University of Michigan, Cetyl Myristoleate seems to be effective as both a joint lubricant and anti-inflammatory agent. In medical terminology, the suffix ‘itis’ refers to inflammation; the uses for osteo (bone) arteritis and rheumatoid arthritis is pretty clear.


Most arthritis sufferers have heard of this ingredient at some point. According to Arthritis.org, Glucosamine has been shown to both reduce pain and improve function in studies. Glucosamine is a major component of joint cartilage.


What a tongue twister! According to Drugs.com, “MSM is commonly used for osteoarthritis, but may also benefit in alleviating GI upset, musculoskeletal pain, and allergies; boosting the immune system; and fighting antimicrobial infection (Wolters Kluwer Health, 2009)”.


According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, this ingredient has been used in South America for centuries to treat indigestion and reduce inflammation (therein lies the benefit). This was particularly used at one time to treat inflammation after sinus surgery (in humans).

“Bromelain can be used to treat a number of conditions. But it is particularly effective in reducing inflammation from infection and injuries (A.D.A.M. Inc., 1997-2013).”

What Causes Joint Inflammation in Pets?

This could be chalked up to simple poor genetics and heredity. You might be surprised to learn that far more cases are caused or exacerbated  by obesity. As animals age, they tend to become less active, in turn working off fewer calories. After all- our pets don’t need to go through the strenuous activity of hunting and taking down prey animals like wild animals of old.

Wear & Tear

Just like human athletes, dogs are prone to wear & tear (bone fractures, ligament sprains, joint degradation) due to excessive athletics (racing animals). ‘FlexPet’ would be a perfect supplement to offer your sporty pooch!

(As an aside, some biologists believe that the extra tendons attached to a dog’s ‘Dew Claws’ help prevent extra torque on the athletic animal’s legs. Consider this article before having your pup’s dew claws removed.)

Poor Nutrition/Obesity

One factor of health and joint degradation is the poor diets many owners provide their pets. Much of the time this is through no fault of their own. Some of the worst pet food distributors are also the ones who can afford to spend the most on advertising; many owners are duped into purchasing low quality brands.

So, the takeaway points are these: if your pet is leaning toward the obese side, the best treatment would likely be to improve his nutrition and control his weight. While supplements may help, talk to your veterinarian about a weight loss plan. (Also, if you have not already done so, please download my report on Hypothyroidism and read it cover to cover! It contains a lot of jaw-dropping information every dog owner should know.)

Although tissue degradation is a very natural effect of aging, one can take steps to prevent unnesssary damage. Good diet, appropriate exercie, and supplements can help your dog live a long, active life.

So- does FlexPet work as well as advertised?

7.5 year old Wil sure says it does!

We recommend you try FlexPet today. This company stands behind their product enough to offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!