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Smart tags-- Scanned with a smart phone, your dog's tag will immediately relay his location to you!

Smart tags– Scanned with a smart phone, your dog’s tag will immediately relay his location to you!


About  Scanable Pet ID Tags by PetHub:

PetHub has sturdy tags that provide more information than regular metal dog tags can contain. That profile can have any information you want, including:

  • multiple emergency contacts
  • license & rabies tag numbers
  • microchip data
  • critical medications

When someone finds your pet they have four ways to learn how to contact you and learn if your dog has any special needs that should be considered:

  • scan a QR code.
  • type in the tag’s web address.
  • tap the tag with a newer smartphone (and this will give you instant information telling you when and where your dog’s tag was scanned.
  • call PetHub’s 24-hour “Found Pet Hotline”.

As soon as your pet’s profile is accessed a lot of things kick into gear:

  • A notification email goes out to the owner.
  • any GPS data PetHub can pull from the mobile device is used to send a map of where the pet’s tag was scanned.

But you needn’t sit around wondering when the phone will ring. You can take immediate steps: Forward your lost pet’s PetHub profile to shelters, pet stores, coffee shops, and individuals within a 25 mile radius of where the pet was last seen (similar to an “Amber Alert” but for pets).

The PetHub database is available 24 / 7.