Petco Draws Attention To Pet Nutrition: Snacks’ Role in Dog Obesity

If you have read K9 Well Being’sK9 Well Being's Free Report Free Report– Hypothyroidism– (See the box on the right that has the arrow urging you to Get The FREE Report), you know that obesity is the number one symptom that prompts most vets to suspect thyroid dysfunction in dogs. That was true for Wil– (But you’ll find out that that was the least of his troubles when you read the report).

There is yet another cause for obesity though. The following introduction was written by Kaylee White of Ghergich & Co., which designed the graphics below for Petco in an effort to help people process the importance of keeping dogs thin. I’ve mentioned Petco in my posts before. Petco is a nationwide chain that has supplies and food for a myriad of critters. Petco states that they “believe in elevating the lives of animals and enhancing the connection people have with their pets.” They also state that they “are also committed to the highest standards of social responsibility.” I shop at Petco now and again.

What We Feed Them Matters – Petco Draws Attention to Pet Nutrition

Here is Kaylee’s introduction to the graphics Ghergich & Co., designed :

Does your favorite four-legged companion need to shave a little off the scale? If so, your pet isn’t alone: Over half of all cats and dogs in the U.S. are either obese or overweight. It’s a problem that can affect mobility and immunity as well as long-term health.

Even within the same breed, no two dogs or cats may look exactly alike. That goes for weight too: Just like with humans, we’re all different and our ideal appearance varies. But there are certain visible physical cues that can help you determine if your pet is underweight, overweight, or at the right weight.

Treat are often seen as harmless additions to an animal’s weight, but they can add up. And the same portion that wouldn’t affect your scale may drastically impact your animal’s overall health and weight. It’s good to understand proportion and recommended size before giving any treats.


Treats Roll in Obesity in Dogs