Welcome to K9 Well Being

My name is Kazzrie B. Dodd.

I’m thrilled you’re here, because you and I share this in common: We love spending quality time with our dogs.

Which means we resemble the expressions: “One’s best friend is his (or her!) dog” and we both strive to be the person our dog thinks we are.

Yes. Clichés. But so true. And I’ll bet that there are days when you feel you’ve come in short of that mark. (I’ve had them too!)

Well, not any more!

I create dead-simple training manuals that will help you develop a fantastic relationship with your dog. No more will you have those days when you two are out of sync, when you “lose it” and fail, miserably, to be “the person your dog thinks you are.”

Building a stellar relationship with your dog takes some time on your part- but if you’re like me, you value the gift of having a well behaved, devoted friend at your side. It’s time well spent. And the rewards! Ah, the rewards. They feed the soul.

Enjoy stories and anecdotes of my journey of creating Team Bouvier — staring Alice and Wil– as we strive achieve an unparalleled lifelong friendship and partnership that you and your canine companion can also create.

PS! If you have an older dog who’s getting a little stove up, supplement his diet with FlexPet. I started Wil on this in the late sumer, and within a couple of months the clocks rolled back a couple of years! Now he can jump into the car and keep up with the horses on trail rides. We highly recommend FlexPet for your dog (or cat) too!

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~~ Kazzrie