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Tips for Staying Safe Walking your Dog at Night

As I write this post, there is another fall storm blowing up here in Northwest Washington. The wind is projected to gust over 60 miles per hour and the rain will come in buckets.

I’m out in this storm, and as I drive along city streets– an activity I’m no longer accustomed to, having recently moved from a rural region with just three stoplights in the whole county– I found it nearly impossible to see pedestrians walking across roads on this blustery night.

We're nearly invisible

Without reflective clothing or at least bright clothes, Wil and I present a “Where’s Waldo” challenge for drivers. (Can YOU see us?)

Can you find us in the photo above?

Can you find us in the photo above?

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Accommodations for Old Dogs: Dog Ramps and Coping Strategies

Up until this time last year, my old Bouvier was still working cattle—though she was definitely slowing down. I knew she was having second thoughts about this work when she hesitated to move the young calves. She advanced on them cautiously. Her vision was failing and I think at that point it was reduced to shades and shapes.

Alice watching Wil and me work cattle

Alice began to consider cattle herding a spectator sport

Not long after that she made the transition from “getting up there” to “up there.” Climbing stairs was a labor to be endured only when going to bed at night. Walks around the ranch became an observer’s sport where she watched Wil and me head out and just “tuned in” to us. Last summer, even her “tuner” was getting old and we’d often surprise her when we got back to the house.

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