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Soggy Doggie Solution: Raincoats for Dogs

Some of you may have heard about—or worse yet, experienced first hand– the terrible drought Washington State suffered this Spring- Fall. Over one million acres burned up this summer with fire season starting a whole month early—in July.

We prayed for snow—lots of snow—to suppress the stench and lessen the threat that roots, smoldering deep underground, would reignite fires the following Spring.

My old place and horses in North Central Washington

After the hot, dry summer and the fire storms that followed lightening strikes, even I welcome snow this year

Be careful what you ask for, lest ye get more than you bargained for.

We got our snow in the mountains. Two passes in Northwest Washington are closed- North Cascades for the season (which is typical). Stevens is also closed without news of a probable reopening date. West of the Cascade Mountains, in NorthWet Washington, we got rain. Literally buckets of rain.

Wil in his doggie raincoat

The only thing better than this coat would be sleeves and leggings!

Roads are closed, businesses and homes have taken on water. Cars have floated away.

“What has all this to do with canines,?” you ask.

A Bouvier de Flanders is not designed to live in soggy regions. Their hair is long and absorbs water like microfiber. It hangs, dripping streams from dreadlocks.

After 10 years in North Central Washington, where I enjoyed seeing the sun for months at a time and even relished the slow and gentle dolling out of the annual 11 inches of rain characteristic of the region, I’m wondering if the mild winters and relatively cool summers on this side of the mountains are reason enough to suffer the usual 60 inches of rainfall I might now expect in my new home here on the coast.”

One thing is for sure: I had to take prophylactic action to keep my dogs as dry as possible!

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