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If You Have a New Puppy,

You Need K9 Well Being’s

Puppy Essentials Kit with K9 Training Tools and Emanual for Potty Training Puppies or Dogs.

According to a study by the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy (NCPPSP)
most dogs (96%) surrendered to dog pounds and shelters had not received any obedience training.

And “behavioral problems” is the number one reason dogs are abandoned at shelters. “Bad” behaviors include:

  • Biting or aggression
  • Destructiveness
  • Barking
  • Not getting along with other animals in the home

These are stunning statistics. And this is tragic because these “reasons” were totally avoidable.

Dogs are not trained by owners because these folks just don’t know what a dog should learn and they don’t know how to teach the dog. Teaching a dog is not like teaching a person.

Consider the movie called Marley.

Among other totally unacceptable behaviors, Marly was:

    • Pulling people around on his leash
    • Doing what he wants, when he wants
  • Jumping and “humping”

These owners persisted and saw Marly to his old age, but there was only one reason they did not have a great relationship with their dog right off the bat:

They just did not know how to raise a dog.

A well-trained dog is welcome almost anywhere. And a well-mannered dog is safer than one that is out of control.

An untrained dog can destroy more than floors, carpets, window sills and your garden. They might kill or maim other people’s pets. 

I know one guy who has a dog that is on Lifetime-Probation for killing another dog. He pays almost $2000 yearly for mandatory insurance. Plus he is required to open his property up to the local officials for surprise inspections twice per year!… It was either that or surrender his pet to to be euthanized!

An out-of-control dog can break relationships with your friends.

If you have a new puppy or new dog you owe it to the dog, your family and friends, to provide that dog with basic manners and obedience skills.

That foundation can be started with the Puppy Potty Training Guide. This book will lead you through the process of training your dog to “go potty” on command in an area you have designated.

Having been through the process of teaching this behavior, you can then use the same strategies to teach him other commands and behaviors.

Whether you have a puppy or a dog, this Housebreaking Training KIT will teach you how to teach your dog to love learning. You will learn how to train your dog using positive methods that will make him happy to behave and obey.

Kit includes:

Training Guide

Detailed yet very easy to follow guide to potty training your puppy

Plus the Essential Tools you need to teach your dog:

Puppy or Dog Housebreaking

Everything you need to be successful in potty training your puppy is in this great kit

    • Waste Bag Dispenser (with 2 rolls of bags)
    • Bells
    • 2 Clickers
    • A Lightweight, Tiny, Bright Flashlight
  • Interactive Dumbbell

This kit has everything you need to instill life-long hygiene behaviors in your pup.

The Training Guide provides detailed instructions for potty training — techniques that work on puppies AND old dogs.

Plus, the training strategies outlined in this Guide will teach you effective and positive training techniques you can employ to teach your puppy or older dog additional skills and commands.

Check out this overview of the Potty Training Kit for Puppies or even Old Dogs:

In my years working with puppies and dogs, I have found products that are about as useful as a three dollar bill while, on the other end of the spectrum, there are those that I covet. This resources section is meant to provide you with guidance in finding and selecting the cream of the crop products.

If you order from these links, I will receive a small payment as an affiliate of Amazon. You can select these from the links provided, or you can find them on Amazon— or any other store for that matter— and purchase them there.

Crates (and Crate Cushions)

There are two ways you can go, when it comes to selecting size of the crate you will buy. The first is to decide if you’re going to have a “starter cage” that you can have when your puppy is small. Or you might decide you want to buy just one that will fit your pup when he’s a dog.
I would recommend that you start with a small cage. There are a couple of reasons for this:
You do want your puppy to be in a cage small enough that there is room for him. If it’s too big, he may find it more convenient to declare a corner of his cage his bathroom. That’s counterproductive for your potty training objective.

You may not know how big your dog will be when he’s fully grown. Buying a Large when 11 months from now you find you need a Medium will be money you did not have to spend. And if you bought the Large and it turns out you needed Medium, you have to put out more money to buy the next size up.

As an alternative, you might try finding a used crate from someone listing on your local CraigsList. I always take a friend along when meeting such sellers. You never know if the seller is honest and genuine until you meet face to face.

Airline Approved:
Petmate 21100 Ultra Vari Pets Kennel

I have used Vari Kennels since the 1980’s and have found them to be almost indestructible. If there is a possibility that you might fly with your dog, this is an airline approved cage. The downside is that they are ugly and take up a lot of room. Also, this is an expensive cage, so if your goal is to begin with a “starter-sized” cage, this is not the best option.

Petco Premium 2-Door Dog Crates

Some wire cages are “fragile” and I’ve experienced problems keeping them from un-assembling themselves when the dog is in there or when moving them around. This particular cage has very good reviews.

The main gripe reviewers seem to have is with regard to size. One way to figure out a good size is to place your puppy on a towel or mat and measure the “footprint” of the space he takes up when lying down. The towel merely gives one a visual as to the amount of space left over when the puppy is prone.

Crate Bed Pad

Right now, when your puppy is young, I would not recommend getting an expensive dog bed cushion. Wait until he’s through the destruction phase, then treat him to a nice, soft bed.

Waterproof Mini-Throw

I have three of these and I love them. They are waterproof and durable. The material is pleasant to the touch.

BUT, I do have some frustrations! First of all, it is not quite large enough to cover a sofa or living room chair cushion. There there is nothing to keep them in place, so they must be tucked in somehow.

Having said that–  in the case of the puppy cage– I think they would work well. Folded in half, they would give a little padding against the floor of the cage. Or they could be wrapped around a small cushion so that they might be less likely to fall off to the side. They won’t work for all situations, but they are worth mentioning.

Collar Selections

Country Brook Design® Premium Collar & Leash – Military and Camo Collection

9”  – 22” Neck Size!

Be sure to measure your puppy’s neck and order accordingly! A seamstress cloth tape is ideal for measuring. Alternatively, you can use a piece of non-stretching string and then measure that. Be sure to leave 2 finger’s room between the collar and the puppy neck. And leave room for your puppy’s growth by buying a collar that can be adjusted to fit that growth.

 Designer Ribbon Adjustable Fancy Trendy Breakaway Nylon Puppy Collar For Pet Dog Cats

This one is for very tiny dogs.

Note: The reviews state that this is not a breakaway collar as advertised, but for our purposes, that is fine!

Leash Selections

Kakadu Pet Empire Tracks Dog Lead

This leash comes in three sizes: 3/8, 1/2 and 1” so you’re covered no matter the size of your dog:

Rogz Utility Small 3/8-Inch Reflective Nitelife 6-ft Long Fixed Dog Lead

For Small dog breeds.

Coastal Pet – Nylon Dog Leash Training Lead (6 ft. L x 3/8 Inch W), Red

For very tiny dogs


You can use a myriad of things from home or the grocery store: cheese, hotdogs (in small quantities— their ingredient list is usually quite frightening!), fried egg, chicken, etc. But these commercially prepared treats are easy to dispense and keep better in your pocket than boiled chicken!

Puppies love these, and I do too. The ingredients pass my “toxin freak out” test with flying colors!

Wellness Puppy Bites Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

Here’s one with only one ingredient: chicken.

Northwest Naturals Raw Rewards Freeze Dried Liver Treats

UNLESS it is Organic, I prefer not to feed liver of any animal to my dogs. The reason is simple: The liver is an organ that is in charge of detoxifying the body. I do not want my dogs eating concentrations of toxins from chickens, turkeys, cattle, etc. that were fed commercial or feedlot feed.

Bellyrubs Organic All Natural Freeze-Dried Dog Treats

 Enzyme Cleaner to kill Urine and/or Feces Odors

The only one of these I’ve ever used is Nature’s Miracle.

Nature’s Miracle Pet Stain and Odor Remover, 1-1/2-Gallon

These have outstanding reviews, but I have not used them:

The Holidays are Coming>>Get The Stain and Odor Eliminated for Good. Cat Urine Odor, Dog Urine Odor, Cigarette Odor. No Chlorine, Safe for Litter Boxes & Clothing Safe Around Pets and People
Angry Orange – Best Enzyme Pet Odor Eliminator And Stain Remover To Destroy Cat And Dog Urine 32oz Spray Bottle
Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator 8 oz. bottle- Industrial Strength Pet Odor Remover – Makes (4) 32oz. Bottles – 1 Gallon – Neutralizes and Sanitizes Tough Pet Odors Fast

Black Light

This is the tool to find evidence of urine or feces in your home. Almost all cat owners I know have one. Usually, you can tell where a dog did his thing! But occasionally, there’s a sneaky pooch… and in those cases, these little Sherlock Holmes ultraviolet lights can be helpful in sleuthing out the illusive smell.
Rumor has it that when the ultraviolet light is used in conjunction with UV glasses, more is revealed than when either is used alone.

TaoTronics TT-FL001 Pets Urine and Stains Detector 12 Ultraviolet Led Flashlight with AAA Batteries
Esco-Lite 395 nM 51 UV Ultraviolet LED flashlight Blacklight 3 AA Battery
UV Flashlight Pet Urine Detector by Doggone Pet Products – Blacklight Finds Dry Dog & Cat Stains on Carpets, Hard Floors & Paint. Alkaline Batteries Included With 12 LED Ultra Violet Blacklight

Refill Poop Bags

These bags come in counts of 150 bags or 450 bags.

This particular brand has a very low number of 1 or 2 star reviews. At this time there are 95 % 4 or 5 star reviews.

Pogi’s Poop Bags – Large, Earth-Friendly, Scented, Leak-Proof Pet Waste Bags

This set has a pretty low count of bags (140) but still has exceptional reviews. These are “Ocean Breeze Scent.”

Bags on Board Scented Bag Refill Pack (Bag of 140)

This set has a dispenser (and these are mighty handy). As of this writing, this product has 98% 4 or 5 star reviews. These are unscented. As one who cannot tolerate artificial scents, this would be my first choice.

Dog Poop Bags, Pets N Bags Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags, Refill Rolls (24 Rolls / 360 Count, Unscented) Includes Dispenser.


This bright little light comes with your Puppy Potty Training Kit

Your kit comes with a quarter-sized flashlight that can fasten onto y

our waste bag dispenser. But you might want a larger one at some point.

My first choice when I’m heading out into the black of night is to wear a headlamp. I own this one and I like it. It has a bright beam and is lightweight. If you need them, it also has red flashing lights too.

BXELA High Quality Headlamp Super Bright Lightweight Water Dust & Shock Proof CREE LED Head Strap Flashlight for Camping Hunting Fishing Hiking Cycling Jogging Dog Walking w/3 AAA Duracell Batteries.

This little handheld flashlight is bright, waterproof, inexpensive, and rechargeable. And it has rave reviews.

Rechargeable Flashlight:Cree XM-L2 U3 LED 1000 Lumen Waterproof USB Rechargeable Flashlight,3400mAh 18650 Batteries,charging cable and Holster-Soonfire NS17