I’m a very discerning reader. I don’t like to be talked down to by a narrator and I dislike fluff or repetition. I have chosen these books and DVDs because they meet my standard of excellence. They are informative, engrossing and will push your emotions.

Canine Veterans
In honor of canine veterans, I’d like to present books that highlight dogs in war. Some of these dogs were smuggled in to war. Others were official— Military Working Dogs, otherwise known as MWDs.

Sergeant Stubby
Ann Bausum
“Sergeant Stubby” as he became known served along side his human partner, J. Robert Conroy in WWI’s training camps and trenches. A good deal of this 240 page book discusses the context — an overview of the history of WWI, a bit on the Yankee Division with whom Stubby served, and the dog’s adopted man, J. Robert Conroy. Stubby was an exceptional dog and his life was rich with adventure.
Silent Voices: Stories & Recognition for War Dogs of Vietnam & Canine Soldiers Today
Alan B. Cunningham
These are stories of canine warriors in Vietnam, dogs who detected trip wires, booby traps, land mines, underwater saboteurs, and who sometimes took the bullet for their handler. By writing this book, Alan B. Cunningham keeps alive the memory of the dogs who died for their country and those who were left behind, classified “Equipment” by the government they’d selflessly served.
War Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love
Rebecca Frankel
This book has heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of MWDs that have served in past and present wars. Readers will come to understand the bond and depth of partnership shared by these dogs and their human partners.
The Dog Who Could Fly: The Incredible True Story of a WWII Airman and the Four-legged Hero Who Flew at His Side
Damien Lewis
This is the story of Czech airman, Robert Bozdech and the GSD he adopted and took to war. The dog, Ant, and his airman buddy saved each others lives in a partnership that embodies the ideals of “man’s best friend.”
War Dog
Damien Lewis
This is the true story about an airman who found a GSD and brought him to Britain when he reported for duty. It is a compelling story of courage and devotion in the setting of WWII.
Trident K9
Mike Ritland
Written by a Navy SEAL, Trident K9 reveals the training methods used by the military to train the elite canines of the SEAL teams. If you want authenticity of information and depth of content that is a told by a passionate professional trainer, this is the book for you.


Stubby the War Dog
Ann Bausum
This is a true and inspirational story of a terrier-mix who was smuggled to war by a soldier, J. Robert Conroy. Stubby served bravely beside his soldiers. This 80 page chapter book is geared toward middle school readers but may be a better read-aloud for weak readers. The images themselves are worth the price of admission.
Gabe The Dog Who Sniffs Out Danger
Thea Feldman
Written by Thea Feldman, this book is about a rescue Labrador named Gabe who became a bomb-sniffing dog in Iraq. This book shows the positive impact dogs have in bringing comfort to wounded soldiers. This is a book worth adding to your child’s book collection.
Sadie: The Dog Who Finds the Evidence (Hero Dog)
Thea Feldman
This 32 page children’s picture book does an excellent job of telling children about the role of an arson dog. It is refreshing to see a book that has genuinely solid information.


Always Faithful
This film follows five Military Working Dogs and their Marine K9 handlers from training into combat and captures the bond that grows between man and dog.
Glory Hounds
Shot in “real time,” this story cannot be taken lightly. Like no other war “tool,” dogs perform jobs that technology cannot match. Why are dogs and men returning from Afghanistan with PTSD? Watch. Then share. This is a tough watch, but a must – watch.

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