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Petco Draws Attention To Pet Nutrition: Snacks’ Role in Dog Obesity

If you have read K9 Well Being’sK9 Well Being's Free Report Free Report– Hypothyroidism– (See the box on the right that has the arrow urging you to Get The FREE Report), you know that obesity is the number one symptom that prompts most vets to suspect thyroid dysfunction in dogs. That was true for Wil– (But you’ll find out that that was the least of his troubles when you read the report).

There is yet another cause for obesity though. The following introduction was written by Kaylee White of Ghergich & Co., which designed the graphics below for Petco in an effort to help people process the importance of keeping dogs thin. I’ve mentioned Petco in my posts before. Petco is a nationwide chain that has supplies and food for a myriad of critters. Petco states that they “believe in elevating the lives of animals and enhancing the connection people have with their pets.” They also state that they “are also committed to the highest standards of social responsibility.” I shop at Petco now and again.

What We Feed Them Matters – Petco Draws Attention to Pet Nutrition

Here is Kaylee’s introduction to the graphics Ghergich & Co., designed : Continue reading

Photographing Bouviers (a.k.a. black fuzzy blobs)

Photographing Bouviers is a challenge– kind of like photographing mops. Never-the-less, I thought you might enjoy seeing photographs I have taken of Alice over the years.

You are welcome to re-post or publish them provided you:

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You can remix transform, build upon these images. You can share them — and even use them commercially–  as long as the three conditions above are met.

Thank you! ~~ Kazzrie B Dodd Continue reading

Noncoercive Clicker Training for Beginners

I taught Wil to make eye contact using clicker training.

I taught Wil to make eye contact using noncoercive clicker training

Clicker Training is a great way to teach your dog new skills and behaviors using totally non-coercive strategies.

In my book The 3 Essential Commands, I explain how I used clicker training to re-shape the gnarly attitude Wil had when I got him at age 3. Today he is a dog who enjoys learning and takes pride in his partnership with me.

You can use clickers to train your dog too. The benefits are many:

  • You will improve your focus on what your dog is doing that you want him to do.
  • If you make mistakes (your timing or failure to see the “tries” your dog makes, for  example) there is no harm done. You won’t have issued a reprimand or correction; you will have failed to treat your dog for guessing what you wanted him to do.
  • Clicker training builds an enthusiast attitude toward learning.
  • A trained dog is more confident. And he’s a lot more pleasant to have around!

Clicker Training Primer

Here is a succinct video demonstrating how to use a clicker to teach your dog a simple concept: “Watch me.” Continue reading

Resources and Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

Not too long ago, I posted a blog entitled, Dogs in Hotels- Tips for Being a Welcomed Guest. That post covered tips on keeping your dog safe and how to be a guest that a dog friendly lodging establishment would look forward to seeing again!

In this post I’d like to provide you with a few resources you can use to find dog-friendly lodging and offer some tips on traveling with your pet. Continue reading

Gift Idea Any Dog Owner Would Cherish: Professional Photography

If you are looking for a personalized gift, why not hire a professional photographer who can shoot high-quality images that will last a lifetime. I did this with Wil and Alice when we sat for our commissioned photographs with Gary Babcock of Gary’s Action Photography. May these images inspire you!

Alice and I have a greater connection that I ever realized

Sometimes someone’s photograph of you tells you something you didn’t know before. From this photo I “got” how deep my relationship is with Alice.



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Homemade Dog Treats May Be Dangerous… or Deadly

T’is the season for DIY gifts –and a popular one among dog owners is homemade dog cookies. Whether you’re making them yourself or you’re the recipient of a batch of homemade goodies, you must be careful to screen the ingredients for toxins.

Skippy Natural Peanut Butter is one of the "back to basics" styles of peanut butter and contains only Roasted peanuts, Sugar, Palm oil, and Salt

Skippy Natural Peanut Butter is one of the “back to basics” styles of peanut butter and contains only Roasted peanuts, Sugar, Palm oil, and Salt

Perils of Peanut Butter

One would think that peanut butter is nothing more than pureed peanuts, and in a small percentage of peanut butter products, that is the case. More often, however, peanut butter has been adulterated with a myriad of substances, some of which cause disease, or, in the case of dogs, immediate death.

“Surely you jest: Death? Really!?” you say?


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Teaching Dogs Language: Applying Research from Dogs Decoded

A while ago I watched Dogs Decoded, a documentary produced by Nova, which explored our relationship with dogs. It drew attention to something I knew about my relationships with my dogs, but was not consciously aware of.

[Above] This is a really quick overview of Dogs Decoded. The full length version is toward the end of this post.

I have deliberately developed the sophistication of understanding for every dog I’ve ever owned. I teach them words. And I use that vocabulary to build concepts. Continue reading