How to do Doga — with Gift Ideas for Doggy Yoga Lovers

Who would have thought yoga could be such a contact sport?

Doga is catching on all over the dog world

Dogs love yoga! It is an activity where they can participate with their human partners in a relaxing activity

Meet “Doga” a yoga practice that is becoming quite popular. Simply, Doga is yoga done in partnership with your dog. This can be you assisting the dog in stretches he does, or teaching him to do poses with you.

It might seem odd that dogs would want to participate in one’s yoga practice,  but then again, dogs have evolved to be our partners, and part of partnership is sharing experiences.

See what I mean: watch this video and notice how the dogs seem to be trying to either rescue or participate as their people do their yoga routines:

Here’s a yoga class for dogs:

Here is a lesson to teach your dog to do one Yoga pose:

And then there’s the ultimate communal yoga routine:

Here’s a swell gift for Doga Lovers: Check out the 2016 Yoga Dogs Wall Calendar, available at Yoga Dogs.




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